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Is the mechanical watch automatic or manual better? This question is also a commonplace talk, some say that automatic is better because of convenience, and some say that manual is better because of more mechanical feel. Which one is better? This varies from person to person. First of all, we must understand the difference between automatic and manual mechanical watches and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Principles of automatic machinery
Without understanding, many people often mistakenly believe that automatic watches are automatic and do not need to be wound manually, as the name suggests. This is wrong and one-sided. It reminds me of an episode in the funny animation "Yi Xue" that I have watched: the hostess is planning to buy a car and talked about her situation. The store recommended a fully automatic car. During the test, the hostess Xue thinks this kind of fully automatic car is really convenient. Until she bumps into a gas station, the hostess stops the car and stops there. The test driver asks whats wrong, and the hostess says, I am waiting for it to refuel automatically. Ah, isn't this fully automatic?" This is an exaggeration of some phenomena in life, so it looks very funny, but let's talk about automatic watches. To correctly understand automatic watches, you must first understand the principle of automatic machinery: automatic watches are not automatic. They rely on the swing of a person's arm. Through the continuous swing of the rotating weight on the movement of the watch, the mainspring is tightened to achieve automatic winding. purpose. So once the amount of winding (movement) is insufficient, you need to manually make up the strings.
Advantages of automatic machinery
Under the condition of sufficient exercise, automatic mechanical watches are more convenient than manual mechanical watches, which is also its biggest advantage. This is because in the case of sufficient exercise, the automatic winding can maintain the operation of the mechanical watch. However, manual winding requires manual replenishment of the clockwork energy at regular intervals, and it will stop once it is forgotten. In addition to this advantage, automatic winding has other advantages, such as higher accuracy. This is because compared with manual mechanical watches, automatic watches have an anti-over-winding design, so that the energy provided is more consistent and the output The torque is stable. The time of the watch is more stable and the error is small. There is also that automatic winding is more suitable for waterproof design, which is not difficult to understand, because automatic winding does not always have to unscrew the crown like manual winding, and this will inevitably cause greater wear and reduce its waterproof performance. This is also the reason why diving watches are mostly automatic mechanical estimates.
Disadvantages of automatic machinery
If the amount of exercise is sufficient, the automatic watch is undoubtedly much more convenient, but if it is not enough? If a person's exercise is insufficient, the watch will not be fully wound up, and the watch will often stop or stop when wearing it. At the same time, the time accuracy of the watch is also poor and the error is large. For example, if you sit in the office all day at work, most of your arms only swing horizontally, and rarely do up and down vertical swings. Then the automatic rotor basically does no work, so it can't wind up. This situation is not as accurate as a hand-winding watch. . However, the automatic watch can make up when the winding is insufficient, that is, manual winding. Although in my personal experience, it is easy to forget to make up even if the amount of exercise is insufficient. The high quality richard mille replica watches are all made of automatic mechanical movements

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Advantages and disadvantages of manual machinery
Manual winding is to turn the outer crown by hand to wind up the mainspring. This is easy to understand. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of manual machinery? The disadvantage is relative to automatic machinery, that is, it is often necessary to wind it by hand, which is slightly troublesome. In addition, the manual winding generally uses ordinary springs, and there is no anti-overwinding design. Some people do not know the feedback strength, and keep winding on the chain, which can easily break the mainspring or gear. There are three advantages in terms of advantages: First, the manual winding is thinner than the automatic winding movement. The second is that manual winding is more durable than automatic winding, and the maintenance price is lower. This is because for watches, the more complex the structure, the easier it is to break, and the more troublesome maintenance. Third, the manual mechanical watch has no automatic tuo obstruction, and the exquisite polishing of the movement can be better displayed and more mechanical. Moreover, the joyful experience of manual winding is irreplaceable. Through manual winding, you can clearly feel the charm of machinery and clearly experience the passage of time. This is also the main reason why many people choose manual mechanical watches.

Is the mechanical watch automatic or manual better? Judging from the current market conditions, automatic mechanical watches are the mainstream, but for some top watch brands, manual is still the main force point. For example, Lange has more manual mechanical watches. Automatic is more convenient, and manual play is a feeling. Which is better depends on your preferences and living habits. And there are some people who may think that the manual is more convenient than the self-winding watch. When I talked to a friend about this problem, he thought that the manual mechanism is more than the automatic mechanism. I explained to him for a long time, but he still insisted Manual machinery is more convenient, I believe he is not alone. Of course, most people still find automatic machinery more convenient.

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